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Stop Reusing Your Old Exams, You LAZY Law School Professors!

Back in 2009, NYU Law had a problem with a visiting professor recycling an old contracts exam. This time around, NYU is dealing with a visiting professor in Mergers & Acquisitions. From a tipster:

An m&a prof reused a fact pattern verbatim on the exam today from a past exam he’d given us with about 7 model answers and his own analysis. People were copying directly from the models. He’s a visitor from penn.

Shouldn’t NYU have some kind of visiting professor orientation where they explicitly tell these guys that exams given at other schools still exist? My lord, coming to New York and trying the same tricks that served you well in whatever small pond you crawled out of rarely works anyway.

Again, this kind of exam malfeasance is common at law schools. And while students freak out, they rarely make enough of a big deal about it to motivate administrations to actually stop the process — if I were running a law school, I’d say that professors who copy old exams don’t get paid for that semester. But usually the angst over these exam shenanigans gets explained away as general exam stress.

That’s why I’m loving this kid from Wake Forest School of Law. He has got the appropriate level of outrage at his lazy law school professors:

I go to wake forest. My f**king professor told us at the start of the year that the exam would be mulitple choice and essay. Day before exam, gives out announcement: Multiple choice only. Turns out, he copied most of the questions and answers, word for word, from an E&E book, which probably 1/3-1/2 of the class had read. Yeah, and the thing is, this is the THIRD F**KING TIME THIS HAPPENED IN A CLASS I HAVE TAKEN AT THIS SH**TY SCHOOL. LAZY POS TENURED PROFESSORS. I F**KING HATE THEM. The last two times a professor has copied out of a supplement, nohting happened- to the professor or the grades. Im sure this will be the same. I did not read the f**king e&E book. All those fuckers that did will get a better grade then me. This is f**king insane.

It is, insane, that you pay so much and the professors can’t even be expected to do so little.

But it’s not just Wake Forest, buddy. This happens at schools around the country, and it will continue to happen so long as law schools care more about the class coming in than the classes already there.

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