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Biglaw Blind Item: A Partner Walks Into a Strip Club….

Hands off the dancers, sir.

Our latest Biglaw blind item concerns the sighting of a partner at a strip club.

Right now you’re probably thinking: yawn. A law firm partner at a strip club? As they say, it happens every day (or night — and often gets billed to “business development”).

But there are a few more details that make this item noteworthy….

The sighting took place last week, at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club — a “very classy” establishment, according to Yelp, “not the usual ‘throw money on stage’ type of environment.” The partner in question was spotted by former associates of his firm.

Here are the details that make this item worthy of our pages. (Readers: we aren’t interested in any random time a lawyer shows up at a strip club — with the possible exception of cases where the lawyer is the stripper.)

  • This partner has previously overseen, and may still be in charge of, his firm’s summer associate program. Perhaps he will organize a summer event at a strip club? (Summer associates at other firms have been taken to strip clubs before — which is impressive!)
  • This partner once aspired to the priesthood. Well, if Jesus can hang with Mary Magdalene, a former would-be priest can hang with strippers, right?
  • Word on the street is that this partner bills over 3500 hours a year. And yet he still has time to hit the Hustler Club, where we hear he was greeted like a regular. Work hard, play hard?
  • Finally, the partner told the club personnel to “take care of my friends” (referring to the former associates he bumped into at the establishment). Who says partners don’t look after the well-being of associates?

And that’s it for this item. Please note that we aren’t judging; strip clubs are perfectly legal, and many people enjoy patronizing them. Visiting such clubs can help alleviate some of the stress that comes from working at a large law firm.

And if strip clubs result in the 1 percent sharing their wealth, albeit by stuffing it into the 99 percent’s g-strings, isn’t that a good thing? Maybe strip clubs can accomplish what our taxation system can’t?

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