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Case Closed: David Otunga Steps Out of the Ring to Return to the Courtroom

David Otunga

If you’re a longtime reader of Above the Law, then you’ll remember Harvard Law School graduate and former Sidley associate, David Otunga. We’ve previously written about Otunga’s adventures in reality television on VH1’s I Love New York, his engagement to singer-actress Jennifer Hudson, and his foray into the wonderful world of “professional” wrestling with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Otunga’s been flexing his muscles in the ring since 2008, but our tipsters were unimpressed, noting, “From Harvard Law School to I Love New York to the WWE. Unfortunately the next stop is probably porn.” Well, sorry to disappoint you, but Otunga hasn’t signed up for his porn industry debut just yet. Instead, he took a momentary break from wrestling to make his return to the courtroom.

Was he able to lay down either of his finishing moves (the Verdict and the Case Closed) to pull out a win?

Before we get to that, let’s discuss the reason why Otunga left the ring. On the small screen, Otunga was following a storyline where he was portrayed as the Legal Advisor. (Not very ominous-sounding… how about the Lathamed? It might not be scary for WWE fans, but it’s enough to strike fear into the hearts of Biglawyers everywhere.) In that role, he helped his wrestling buddies to file a lawsuit having to do with employment law. But does he still have the smarts do it in real life?

According to TMZ, the Harvard Law hottie was before an administrative law judge of the New York State Department of Labor last week to represent a man who believed that he had been wrongfully denied his unemployment benefits. He took the case pro bono — because money is no object when you’re engaged to an Oscar-winner with a never-ending stream of income from Weight Watchers.

So what happened? Was Otunga able to put his adversary’s back against the ropes? Case closed, because Otunga claims that he “smoked the witness during cross examination,” winning the appeal for his client.

What did Otunga have to say for himself after winning the match?

“If the outcome of the case is any indication of how I’ll do in the Royal Rumble this weekend, then it looks like I’ll be the winner.”

Apparently not even the Verdict could help Otunga, because much like his cross examination skills, the wrestler was smoked soon after he entered the ring. With these Royal Rumble results, it seems like Otunga might want to stick to real-life lawyering.

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