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Mother, Tell Your Children Not To Read My Stories: Meet Team ATL’s Newest Member

Sorry folks, no relation.

Hi everybody! I’m Chris Danzig. You might have seen me around Above The Law over the past year, covering technology and West Coast legal news. As of today, I’m excited to be the site’s newest full-time editor, joining David Lat, Elie Mystal, and Staci Zaretsky.

I’m a journalist by trade, not a lawyer. I’ve spent too much time writing about the law — and the stressful situations that can arise within the legal profession, which sometimes drive lawyers to drink — to ever want to practice.

I went to journalism school at Northwestern University. I helped investigate a wrongful conviction case with the Medill Innocence Project while I was in school. After graduation, I was the assistant editor at InsideCounsel magazine in Chicago, where I covered legal technology.

I left that job about two years ago, and have worked as a full-time freelance reporter since then. I’ve written for a variety of publications, covering health care, music, social justice, and a bunch of other stuff. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I was born and raised.

Keep reading for more personal trivia about yours truly (and to see the photo of myself that Lat asked me to provide)….

That's me!

Just to set the record straight, I’m not related to Glenn Danzig. In fact, that’s not even his real name. But Mother is an awesome song (whose lyrics inspired the title of this post).

In my spare time, I play bass in a garage rock band called Gavilan. I hate shopping malls. I like strong coffee, going to bed late, and waking up early. I spend a lot of time reading large depressing novels. I like to be outside in almost any weather.

If you want to get in touch with me — especially if you have a legal technology or West Coast news tip or story idea — please drop a line to my shiny new email address: cdanzig [AT] abovethelaw [DOT] com. (You can also reach me through tips [AT] abovethelaw [DOT] com, which goes to me, Staci, Elie, and Lat.) And, of course, you can follow me on Twitter, at @chrisdanzig.

It’s a great time to be writing about the legal profession, and I’m glad to be here (and not only because it seems everyone I know is in law school). Covering law is much more fun than covering Oakland. I probably won’t have to wear my Kevlar to work anymore….

(hidden for your protection)

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