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You Can Transfer the Student into Stanford, But You Can’t Transfer the Stanford into the Student

When you are a transfer student, you are constantly fighting for respect. If you don’t think your non-transfer classmates look down on how you gunned your way into their school despite whatever faults kept you out the first time, you really aren’t paying attention to your surroundings.

But most transfer students do feel the sting, and they try like hell to prove that they belong.

Which is just weak. Come on, there’s nothing worse than trying to interact with somebody who has a huge chip on his shoulder. Actually, the annoyingness of transfers is directly related to the rank of the school: the better the ranking, the more annoying the kids who transfer in.

Call it “elite law school problems.” One of the pleasures of going to an elite school is that you get to spend time around people who aren’t frustrated that they couldn’t get into a better school with better prospects. There’s a calmness on campus; everybody’s doing their thing, everybody feels like things are going to work out. Then the transfers get there and they’re gunning, and annoying, and have ridiculous bro stories about bombing the LSAT, “But it’s ALL GOOD, ’cause I’m HERE NOW buddy, YEAH. I’m taking a class with PROFESSOR FAMOUS PANTS which will really help in my CALLBACK at [mid-tier firm that is actually a fallback option for people at elite schools] DAY.

Sigh. At least that’s how transfer students talk to non-transfers. We don’t often get to see how transfer students talk among themselves.

But today, we’ve got a whole transfer student email thread from Stanford Law School — and boy, like Fredo in the Godfather, they want respect….

For most law students, free food is good. When the essential characteristic of the food is its freeness, then it is of a quality most law students can respect.

But apparently transfer law students at Stanford Law just think differently. To the SLS Listserv!

The names have been changed to protect the students from themselves, but some of the key players are “Blessed Cardinal,” the transfer student rep who set up a free dinner for the SLS transfers; “Angry Panda,” who is above Chinese food; and “Sbarro Troll,” for soon-to-be self-evident reasons. But many students got involved in the fun.

Blessed Cardinal

Hey fellow transfers,

Hooray our group dinner is officially on! Sorry for all of the logistical delays.

When: Next Thursday, Jan. 26 @ 7:45pm (so all the Evidence folks can make it on time… and so we can all head to bar review afterward!)
Where: Hunan Garden (3345 El Camino Real, Palo Alto)
Why Chinese again? Because it’s the Lunar New Year next week, and Hunan Garden is freaking delicious. And because Stanford Law loves you all and is paying for your dinner.

Please RSVP to me by this Friday by email. I want to leave enough time to RSVP for a big group.

As usual, let me know if you have any questions. See you all next week!

[Blessed Cardinal]

Angry Panda

Please tell me that Hunan Garden is a sick joke. Was Panda Express already booked?

Sbarro Troll

Is there a Sbarros around here? I vote Sbarros.

Mall Cop

I’m not sure how I’d feel about eating at a restaurant in ch 11 (Sbarros).


I vote for McDonald’s (half serious)

Angry Panda

Does [Donkey Burro] have any suggestions?

Donkey Burro

Pass on all your terrible ideas. Chipotle Day.

Sbarro Troll

shabooya sha sha shabooya roll call

Angry Panda

How about a cater session at Donkey Burro’s place? Sbarro Troll-you can bring sbarro.

Donkey Burro

Kangaroo court fines Panda and Troll $10 for listserv abuse. Proceeds towards the booze budget at Chipotle.

Angry Panda

Matching fines to Blessed Cardinal for picking hunan garden and doubling up on chinese. Boom

I can’t believe these kids didn’t get into Stanford the first time around!

But we are dealing with a school in California, so you know what happens next. The first somewhat direct insult at the organizer has been hurled, so now people have to rally to her defense. Our tipster sums it up this way:

“Perhaps the Stanford transfers didn’t get the message that douchebaggery does not translate well on public threads….. Tact and politeness aren’t a strong suit of law students, I guess.

I’d like to think that at some point somebody said: “Goddamn it, I did not crawl through a mile of s**t-smelling foulness to get from Pepperdine to here in order to eat HUNAN DELIGHT.” Seriously though, next year, Stanford might want to only accept transfer applications from people who are not homeless and hungry.

Apparently some of the snark continued on in private emails, but click through to see the rest of what was made public.

(hidden for your protection)

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