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A Model Law Student: This Sexy Sooner Hits the Books Hard

Our law student is hotter.

When you think of Oklahoma, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For some it’s a Broadway musical, for others, it’s agriculture, and for others still, it’s football. But what about beautiful, intelligent women?

Today, we’ve got a story for our readers about a law student with some really big… brains. A tipster notified us about this sexy Sooner and the double life she leads: she’s a second-year law student, but in her free time, she’s a model who’s worked at some of the finest breastaurants in the business.

Who is this lovely law student, and which law school does she attend? More importantly, what does she look like? Semi-NSFW pics, or it didn’t happen….

Before we spill all the beans about this sexy Southerner, let’s see what our tipster had to say about her:

Check out the FB fan page of Ashley Ferrara, a Yale ’07 grad and a current University of Oklahoma law student. She’s, um, enhanced her body, and is now a “boxing/MMA ring card girl, independent portfolio/promotional and tradeshow model.” As far as I can tell, this means that she participates in bikini competitions, lets people photograph her wearing nothing but paint, and friends thousands of sex-crazed Midwesterners on Facebook. Unorthodox career choice, but it seems to be working for her!

Beauty and brains can be a deadly combination, and with her educational pedigree, it seems like Ashley is going in for the kill shot. This girl has got an Ivy League undergraduate education and went on to learn the law at a top 75 law school. Not too shabby! But what kind of enhancements are we talking about?

See? We told you she had big brains. Ashley’s been interviewed by a number of men’s magazines and websites, but we don’t really care about what she’s looking for in a man or her zodiac sign. We wanted to know more important things.

Does Ashley plan to parlay her sexy ring card girl career into the practice of law? In one interview, she mentioned that if she weren’t so busy modeling, she’d probably be “[s]tudying a lot harder in law school!” Has she gotten that much-needed study break?

We spoke to Ashley today via phone to find out. We learned that she is indeed a sweet and sassy girl who’s got more than just her looks. She’s incredibly well-spoken, and she is a firm believer that “everyone is dealt a certain hand, and whether you do great things with that hand is up to you.” As it turns out, even though Ashley was dealt a full house of beauty, she “sort of fell into the modeling industry.”

Last year, when she was a 1L, she was very stressed out, and wanted to find something fun to do outside of school. So, like any intelligent girl, Ashley took advantage of her assets: she got a part-time job at Hooters. “It was a great way to turn off law-school mode, take a break from it all, and have a little fun,” she said.

What’s shocking to most people is the fact that Ashley’s married to another law student. She says that when people find out she’s married, they find her “more approachable.”

I’m not in this business because I’m looking for a date — I’m already married! I’m in the business because I love boxing, and I love what I’m doing. It’s a common misnomer, but for me, it’s not why I do it. I do a lot of ring card events for boxing, and I really found a lot of solace in the fact that there are so many attorneys involved in the boxing world. I love boxing and I think it can lead to great things in my career.

We asked Ashley if she planned on becoming a lawyer after graduation, or if she hoped that her modeling career would take off. Here’s what she had to say:

A lot of people consider a lawyer to be just someone who works in a law firm. I don’t think that’s the only way. If I were to practice law, my focus would probably be in the field of entertainment law. For example, if I were to represent a model, I’d understand a lot of what she was going through. From a client service perspective, it makes it easier when you have a good view of both sides of what you’re doing.

Last, but not least, we wanted to know whether Ashley thought her modeling career would impact her future career as an attorney in a positive or a negative way. After all, there are many, many pictures of her online that feature her in various states of undress. Easygoing Ashley isn’t “particularly worried” about it (perhaps because she’s got UNC Law graduate and Playboy model Stephanie Haney to look up to):

I’m proud of what I’ve done, and I always have a good attitude. I’d like to parlay what I’m doing into a positive career that I’m happy with. Maybe if I wanted to work at a really conservative firm, the pictures might be a problem, but I don’t have any intention of doing that. It wouldn’t really fit with my personality.

I have a lot of supporters in the legal community. People email me weekly and tell me that while what I’m doing isn’t 100% traditional, it’s really great, and that I’m happier than a lot of the people in the legal profession who have taken a more traditional route.

At the end of the day, Ashley just hopes the legal community will keep an open mind about her. And we do, too, because she’s the kind of girl who’s full of fabulosity on the inside and out. If you’d like to see more of Ashley, you can watch her strut her stuff as a ring card girl on ESPN2 on February 17 for the Dallas vs. Gonzalez fight, and on Showtime on February 18 for the Williams vs. Ishida fight.

Or, if you want some instant gratification, you can see more pictures of Ashley on the following page….

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