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Adventures at Low-Ranked Law Schools: Don’t Call It a ‘Toilet,’ They Don’t Even Have Toilets

I’ve never been a fan of U.S. News obsessing over how much money law schools spend on their facilities. I feel it artificially inflates the cost of going to law school in a digital age where so much of what you need can be found online.

But there are some things that you can’t do online. Not yet at least. Like going to the bathroom. Perhaps if Steve Jobs were still alive, the iPoop and the Waterless iPoop would be just around the corner. But we were robbed of that great man.

Maybe all you need to know about the difference between top law schools and not-so-hot law schools really does come down to toilets. At Harvard, they name them after rich alumni. At North Dakota Law School, they barely have them….

As we mentioned last week, the new men’s room in the sparkling new facilities at HLS is sponsored by a former graduate. But a tipster who goes to North Dakota Law spied this picture outside the ND law library:

You know, I don’t think anybody would expect DLA Piper’s Bismarck office to have toilets. But the state law school should be held to a higher standard.

I have to think that is especially tough for female North Dakota Law students. Because, well, as the tipster explains:

I’m a 1L and my biggest complaint besides being in North Dakota is the facilities. When I was heading up to the second floor of the library to write my first ever client letter, I saw this little sign next to the elevator that made me laugh. Students, especially male students, knew about the lack of bathrooms well before they put this little disclaimer up.

I wonder if there are any rules of etiquette for peeing outside against the wall of the library.

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