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Desperately Seeking Michael: Help This Girl Find Her Missed Connection at BU Law!

After the Patriots lost the Super Bowl, some people in Massachusetts got really riled up. Students at UMass Amherst rioted, and hundreds of crybaby Pats fans could be seen Bradying up and down the streets of Commonwealth’s capital. But when all of that was happening, a girl and a boy met by chance while attempting to catch a cab. The young couple shared the ride home, but perhaps they could have shared much more if only phone numbers had been exchanged.

We’ve wondered in the past if Above the Law readers could crowdsource a lawsuit, but could it work for a budding romance? Let’s find out….

We received an email this week about an interesting flyer that’s been seen around the Allston neighborhood of Boston, near Boston University School of Law:

So this personal ad popped up on Monday in several busy Allston locations (A telephone pole at the Allston St. T stop! A window outside a bagel joint!). Anyway, it looks like Michael made a pretty great impression on some lovelorn Allston-ite (Allstonista?) who didn’t think the Missed Connections page would quite do the job. Given that all of these posters are still up three days later, maybe ol’ Mike needs some additional goading.

And goad we shall. BU Law students, we need your help! Don’t you want one of your classmates to get some action? Here’s a picture of this girl’s home-made personal ad:

We’ve redacted Rachel’s address in the hopes that fewer stalkers show up at her door with Rohypnol-laced Valentine’s chocolates. (And yes, we thought that there was a chance Michael lied to Rachel about his background — but why not lie with more prestige? Say that you’re a Harvard Law student, for Christ’s sake. That being said, we think he was telling the truth.)

Come on, there can’t really be an overabundance of Giants fans named Michael who attend BU Law. If you’re Michael or if you know Michael, send us an email, and we’ll hook you up with all the details.

(hidden for your protection)

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