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Finally… A Survey for Lawyers and Law Students!

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Later this year, Above the Law will be launching a new, expanded Career Center. The new Career Center will be a resource for students and lawyers at all stages of their careers, and in all areas of legal practice (i.e., not just Biglaw). But we can be sure that news and insight into life at firms and schools will continue to be ATL’s bread and butter. With that in mind, today we open up the ATL School & Firm Insider Survey.

I assume a common reaction will be, “What with — among others — Vault, Chambers, U.S. News, and Am Law, why the hell do we need yet another employer/school survey?” Fair enough. And yes, all of the existing surveys have their merits. All of them produce useful content for students and potential laterals.

We do believe, however, that when it comes to information, the more the merrier. Moreover, the ATL survey is distinctive in some fundamental ways, and we’re going to justify its existence….

  • It’s SHORT. It’s designed to take five minutes max. We know how busy you are.
  • We‘ve cut out the middle man. The survey cannot be gamed by the schools or firms. The vast ATL audience is potentially peerless as a resource for insight, and we will engage you directly.
  • We’ll not be in the business of annual data dumps. Been there, done that. We’ll be gathering smaller data sets on a rolling basis, and updating our firm and school profiles and ratings dynamically.
  • Seriously, it’s really short.

We’re hoping to hear from any and all law students and J.D.-holders. Attorneys at law firms (at whatever level) will be asked about life at their firms, and everyone will be asked about their law school experiences. It should go without saying, but the survey is completely confidential. In fact, we ask for no uniquely personal information at all. You’ll find the survey here.

Thanks in advance for your time and insight. Please use the comments for any suggestions, questions, and feedback regarding the survey’s structure, subject matter, and methodology (in addition to meme-flogging, scorn-heaping, and whatnot).

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