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Greg Kelly Won’t Be Charged with Rape, But Who Is His Accuser? Where Did It All Go Down?

Greg Kelly

On January 26, we mentioned in Non-Sequiturs that Greg Kelly, the son of Ray Kelly, New York City’s police commissioner, had been accused of rape. Today, we have news that the popular television host has been cleared — he won’t even face charges.

When word of the rape accusation first hit the presses, all we knew was that it had allegedly taken place at a “lower Manhattan law firm.” Tipsters and commenters alike began to speculate about where the alleged rape could have happened. Which firm? Who was the accuser? Did they do it in a partner’s office?

Well, now we know the name of the accuser (and what she looks like), and the name of the “downtown law firm” where the alleged rape occurred.

Which downtown law firm could it be? Sullivan & Cromwell? Cleary Gottlieb? Milbank?

Before we tell you the name of the firm in question, let’s talk a little bit about Kelly’s accuser and how the allegations came about. This rape accusation comes from a young woman named Maria Di Toro. Di Toro isn’t just a paralegal — she’s also an aspiring model. Here’s one of her glamour shots:

Di Toro has a boyfriend, but that didn’t stop her from going out on a date with Kelly. The New York Post has more information:

Di Toro . . . had met Kelly in a chance encounter on the street and the two agreed to meet for drinks at the South Street Seaport.

She claimed that afterward. she was so drunk that she couldn’t consent to sex.

She waited three months to report the incident. …

At one point, Di Toro claimed that she had gotten pregnant by Kelly and had an abortion.

Why did she wait three months to report the incident? One source in the Post noted that “[i]t sound[ed] like she got caught [cheating] by her boyfriend, and then he force[d] her hand: ‘If you’re not lying, you better report.’” Given the evidence that the police uncovered, this theory sounds like it could be spot on:

Di Toro engaged in steamy texting with [Kelly] after their sexual encounter, suggesting they get together again, sources said.

“Those aren’t the words of a woman raped,’’ one law-enforcement source flatly told The Post.

Another source said the later texts showed that “the lustfulness for each other was mutual’’ and added that it should be “no surprise’’ that the investigation was dropped.

That being said, why do people think that it’s okay to get it on at their law firms? This reminds us of Tamara Tanzillo, the feisty redhead who allegedly brought a man back to her office for similar late-night activities. In Di Toro’s case, one tipster quipped, “I bet she’s going to get canned for using the office as a motel!”

And that brings us to the question of the hour: which law firm are we talking about? None other than Cullen and Dykman, a midsized firm located at 44 Wall Street. Here’s a screenshot of Di Toro’s LinkedIn page (looks like she didn’t update it after she got promoted from being a legal assistant):

Although this alleged rape didn’t happen at a Biglaw firm, we’re sure that there’s plenty of sex (consensual or otherwise) going on in their hallowed halls that we haven’t heard about yet. But when we do hear about it, you’ll be the first to know.

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