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He Trolled the Law, and the Law Won

It’s always tempting to call people like the guy in this story the stupidest (alleged) criminal ever. But, somehow, the bar for getting arrested via internet idiocy keeps getting set lower and lower.

In the modern era, it seems that thieves and would-be murderers can’t help but gloat about their illicit activities online.

But until today, I’ve never heard of a wanted man posting on his local sheriff’s Facebook wall, commenting on a story about the fact that police were looking for him.

Wait, did I say commenting? This dude started a whole thread. You can’t make this stuff up….

From Gizmodo:

This is Dustin McCombs. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, in Alabama, is accusing him of being a “rapist by force.” They posted his mugshot on their Facebook page’s Creep of the Week page. When Dustin McCombs learned about it, he was naturally pissed off, so he did what comes most naturally on the internet. He started to troll the sheriff.

Here is a chunk of the thread (gavel bang: Failbook). It’s really long, and hilarious, so the whole thing is on the next page:

To be fair, it strikes me as a bit odd that the Sheriff’s Department has a “Creep of the Week.” I would expect that from Perez Hilton, not the police. That said, the Facebook page is filled mostly with community service-related content.

The thread went on so long, whoever was running the Facebook page had to tell McCombs to shut up (the admin’s comment got 26 likes!):

In a twist that should surprise no one, police caught McCombs in Ohio on Friday. Because, you know, police use technology, too:

“This is a pretty silly-acting individual to be facing such a serious charge,” Christian said. ” Of course we are happy to let him know that, yes, we can catch you, but more than anything we are happy that maybe his victim is a step closer to getting justice.”

To quote the final comment on the original thread, from a woman named Lauren, “This is awkward.” Yes, yes it is. And so damn funny.

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