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If Your Prof Still Hasn’t Given You Your Grades, He Better Be Fired or Dead

Every year, heck, every semester, we have to run a story about professors being unforgivably late in performing one of their few job requirements: transmitting grades to students. I simply don’t understand why so many professors won’t perform this basic function. But it probably has something to do with the fact that law school administrators don’t make it clear that it’s important for professors to provide student services.

At most schools, exams were two months ago. The “grade deadline” at schools that have them has already passed. If you don’t have your grades by now, your law school should be offering you a refund for the outstanding classes.

Oh, I’m sorry, there goes me thinking that law schools are providing a competitive service in an open market. Actually, the 200 of them of have a monopoly on accredited legal education, and they seem to have collectively decided that they don’t give a crap about this issue.

Well, students might not be able to do anything about late grades, but they don’t have to be happy about it…

A student at UVA Law wrote in to tell us this grades in his professional responsibility class had not yet been posted. The kid is real angry about it:

Student records say that [the professor] has not even submitted the grades yet. The administration has said “we’ll look into it” and “let us know if you do not receive them by March.” This is pure bulls**t. For 50k a year we shouldn’t have to wait over 2 months for a 2 credit exam to be graded. Oh yeah, the exam was only 2 hours long and the professor told us not to use “cases or policies” on it. Just straight up apply rules. This is a great jump off to discuss how professors are lazy pieces of s**t who get paid tons of money to teach like 3 days a week, publish an obscure article a year in a student run journal and take their sweet time arbitrarily putting students on a curve. All this and they CAN’T EVEN ABIDE BY RIDICULOUSLY LAX DEADLINES. As I said earlier…bulls**t.

Some professors are “lazy pieces of s**t who get paid tons of money.” Others are not. The problem seems to be that your average law school has no way of differentiating between ones who care and the ones who just want to do their own scholarship and be left alone.

Are you still waiting for grades from a lazy professor who won’t do his job? Send us the class and the prof. Maybe we’ll make a “shame wall” of professors who think they’re above performing their basic responsibilities.

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