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January Lawyer of the Month: The Queen of Mean

It’s time to announce the winner of January’s Lawyer of the Month competition. The first month of the new year brought us new legal controversies of all varieties, from all kinds of places.

In a month where some of our competitors included those involved in an alleged Biglaw ménage à trois and a lawyerly leader who allegedly made the most out-of-touch statement imaginable, the voters were swayed by someone else’s alleged statements (and perhaps her beauty, as well).

Let’s take a look at January’s Lawyer of the Month. This time, you don’t even have to Google her….

Just eight votes separated our Lawyer of the Month from our second-place finisher. Quite frankly, it’s inconceivable that ABA President William Robinson III didn’t come out on top. But it looks like Robinson — the same man who allegedly thinks it’s your own fault if you’re poor and unemployed — “should’ve known what [he was] getting into” when he went head-to-head against a prior Lawyer of the Day title-holder.

So who is January’s Lawyer of the Month? The winner of this month’s contest is none other than Ice Miller attorney, Courtney King. King’s claim to fame (or infamy) is her alleged statement to the police during her late-night arrest outside of a Louisville bar: “You are going to… die. I’m a lawyer. You can Google me. You are dead. I work at a law firm in Indianapolis.”

King is scheduled to be back in court on March 15 for a preliminary hearing. Will she be gettin’ lucky in Kentucky? We don’t know, but what we do know is that if she winds up back in jail, she can take solace in the fact that our readers think she looks hot in her mug shot.

Is Courtney King hotter in her law firm head shot or her mug shot?

  • The mug shot. (57%, 714 Votes)
  • The law firm head shot. (43%, 530 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,244

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