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Lawyerly Lairs: Hipsters in the Catskills
(Hey New Yorkers, Looking for a Country House?)

Penny Lane and Brian Frye, in the Catskills home they've placed on the market.

As we have mentioned, we’re trying to diversify the coverage here at Lawyerly Lairs. After all, the world does not consist entirely of Park Avenue apartments owned by mega-rich law firm partners (as seen here, here, and here). Toward that end, we recently wrote about the housing search of some NYU Law students.

But that was still in New York City. Let’s leave Manhattan behind and head to upstate New York, where we’ll visit the beautiful Catskills house of a law professor and his filmmaker wife….

The listing provides the charming backstory for this residence:

This is the story of Brian & Penny, who bought this lovely historic four bedroom home in picturesque Claryville three years ago (this was the original listing) while engaged, planning for this to be a home they would hand down to future offspring. But as these things go, life entered the picture, and after lovingly renovating and upgrading the house and the property, and hosting a memorable wedding in Claryville, Brian’s job has them moving away. So knowing they will not recoup much of the over $200,000 in improvements they have made, they are listing this character-filled house and hoping like-minded buyers, who value light, character and charm, quality materials and a country lifestyle will be as smitten with the Tannery House as they are.

In case you’re wondering, Brian Frye, a graduate of NYU Law School and former associate at Sullivan & Cromwell, landed a professorship at the University of Kentucky College of Law. So he’ll be moving to Lexington with his wife, Penny Lane (yes, like the Beatles song). Currently they split their time between the Catskills and Park Slope, Brooklyn (because they seem to be hipsters, and that’s what hipsters do).

Why do I view them as hipsters? Well, Penny Lane is a filmmaker, as is Frye. They’re working together on a documentary about Richard Nixon, Our Nixon, which you can read about on the film’s website — or in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, where it was recently featured. The film premieres later this year.

In addition to making films, Frye makes… cider! And Lane makes pottery. If brewing cider and throwing pottery don’t make you a hipster, I don’t know what does.

Okay, enough with this artsy crap. Let’s go ogle some real estate, shall we?

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