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Lawyerly Lairs: Hipsters in the Catskills
(Hey New Yorkers, Looking for a Country House?)

The rear meadow is vast — a perfect place for children to play.

Especially once the weather improves:

Imagine yourself sitting on that porch swing, enjoying an iced tea….

… and watching the sun set over the front yard:

Isn’t it a fabulous property? You can view more photos, and you can read the full narrative, over here.

Springtime will be here before you know it. Why not take that spring bonus money, which should (hopefully) arrive any day now, and put it toward a down payment on this delightful summer house up in the Catskills?

UPDATE (3:30 PM): How many hipsters have been cited by Justice Scalia in Supreme Court opinions? You can read more about Brian Frye and his shout-out from Nino at the WSJ Law Blog.

UPDATE (4/17/2012): Brian and Penny have successfully sold their house — to a lawyer and reader of Above the Law. Congratulations!

TANNERY HOUSE [Country House Realty]
Nixon at Home, Kissinger on the Beach [Wall Street Journal]

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