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Lawyers & Economics: Student Debt

Professor William Birdthistle

Welcome to the latest installment of Lawyers & Economics, our occasional video series on financial topics by Professor William Birdthistle of Chicago-Kent College of Law. He’s joined in some of these videos by an acting professional: Johnny Kastl, television actor turned 2L at Iowa Law, better known to some of you as Dr. Doug Murphy of “Scrubs.”

In the last video, Birdthistle and Kastl tackled the Greek debt crisis. Sadly enough, that problem remains unsolved, to the detriment of the world’s financial markets.

Today’s topic isn’t going away anytime soon either. If you have — or are thinking of taking on — student loans, keep reading….

Here’s the video. Birdthistle and Kastl cover such subjects as the value proposition of going to law school, the income-based repayment program, and the treatment of student loans in bankruptcy (a hot topic, discussed recently by Staci Zaretsky and Elie Mystal). Check it out:

Lawyers & Economics: Student Debt [YouTube]

Earlier: Lawyers & Economics: The Greek Debt Crisis

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