Non-Sequiturs: 02.06.12

* Roll on Friday crowns the European firm of the year. It’s like the Eli Manning of old world law firms. [Roll on Friday]

* Here are some thoughts from a former NFL All-Pro turned lawyer. Maybe there is still hope that Chad Ochocinco can have a productive career. [Legal Blitz]

* Staci was on the radio this morning telling Patriots fans they should suck it up because they are rooting for a team that hasn’t been able to draft a competent wideout in a decade. Or something like that. [WBEZ Chicago]

* Meanwhile, New York Magazine has also just realized that law students are suing law schools. Like Patrick Chung providing deep help on Mario Manningham, they’re just a little bit late. [New York Magazine]

* Victim of Anonymous attack still supports anonymous. Kind of like how Tom Brady still supports Wes Welker. [Gawker]

* Did you know that Charles Dickens used to be an “attorney’s clerk”? Did you also know that Tom Brady’s Super Bowl record with Bridget Moynahan was 3 – 0? With Gisele Bundchen, it’s 0 – 2. [New York Times]

* How about two videos on this Super Monday. One about the health care Justice Kennedy might want to give us. The other I’m sure you can guess.

And… just for fun:

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