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Time to Lay Off the Meth: Attorney Gets Kicked Out of Court During Her Own Arraignment

Back in January, we provided our readers with a brief glimpse into the life of an Oklahoma attorney named Amy McTeer. As a quick refresher, this lovely lady lawyer was arrested for filing a false police report while under the influence of crystal methamphetamine. Immediately prior, McTeer had racked up felony charges for allegedly assisting in her boyfriend’s escape from prison. You’re doin’ fine, Oklahoma! Oklahoma O.K.!

Just one month later, McTeer is back in the news with yet another arrest. This time, McTeer was charged with methamphetamine possession, public intoxication, and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia after allegedly telling the police that a trucker had poisoned her pipe. The police reportedly found that “poisoned” pipe in her pocket — complete with white residue.

If you think this trainwreck of a story can’t get any worse, you’re wrong. Let’s take a look at what happened during McTeer’s arraignment, and view a compilation of McTeer’s photos in our Faces of Meth: Lawyer’s Edition….

Before we get into what happened at McTeer’s arraignment, we’ll delve a bit into her background. Before she ended up on the wrong side of the law, McTeer, a graduate of the Tulsa University College of Law, worked as the lead litigation attorney at the Law Offices of Tuan A. Khuu & Associates.

And before that? This may come as a shocker, but McTeer worked as an Assistant District Attorney, which provided her with “extensive experience with both state and federal criminal matters.” It seems like she’s putting that experience to good use.

So what happened during her felony drug arraignment? Apparently McTeer was removed from a Logan County courtroom after “talking too much.” NewsOK has more information:

The court officer said McTeer interrupted the judge and the prosecutor throughout her court appearance, turning argumentative at times.

She was removed by a sheriff’s deputy and offered no resistance, the officer said.

“She wouldn’t stop talking,” a court officer said. “She was obviously agitated and she was talking over everyone else.”

You know it’s really time to lay off the meth when you’re removed from a courtroom due to your own inability to STFU. It should come as no surprise that the Oklahoma Bar Association is seeking a suspension of McTeer’s license to practice law.

So what has McTeer’s alleged meth use done to her? Take a look (click to enlarge):

Perhaps if McTeer had opted for the use of more prestigious drugs, then she wouldn’t be caught up in this mess. Allegations of crystal meth usage are très déclassé.

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