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Vermont Law School Graduates Go On to Be Successful Legal Recruiters and Apple Pickers

Johnny Appleseed was carefree -- and unsaddled with law school debt.

Over the past few weeks, it seems Above the Law has unleashed a torrent of populist rage against law school career services’ departments posting crummy job opportunities.

Yesterday, we heard about another unfortunate career services posting, this time from the Vermont Law School. What was almost more depressing than the job, though, is our tipster’s testimony of postgraduate life.

Let’s just say it’s more Grapes of Wrath than A Few Good Men.

Here’s what our melancholy tipster has to say about the recent job posting from his illustrious alma mater….

Check out this “legal recruiting assistant” job posting from the good folks at Vermont Law School Career Services. While perhaps not the most blatantly offensive OCS posting we have seen, you can’t beat the underlying message here:

As a graduate of Vermont Law School, you won’t be able to secure legal employment yourself, but you might be able to find work assisting law students from better schools schedule their summer associate interviews, provide them with nametags during OCI, and once hired, ensure they have a wonderful time at summer events.

To be fair, what’s in Vermont? Isn’t it just, like, cows and meth heads? In any case, here’s a screencap of the job posting. It’s not an attorney job, but on the plus side, you would technically be working at Sullivan & Cromwell. Click it to enlarge:

Here is where I shout with righteous anger at how insulting this is to law school graduates — how they deserve, and have earned, more prestigious, higher-paying, more challenging employment opportunities. Oh wait, here is the truth of the situation. Our tipster is actually a modern-day Johnny Appleseed:

Of course, the sad thing is that this is the reality — I would jump at this job. I graduated nearly two years ago and my last paying job was picking apples with migrant farm workers. I am not kidding.

You can make jokes about Vermont’s ranking, whatever. But this is so not okay. If some hippie philosophy undergrad from Humboldt State wants to work on a farm for a summer internship, that’s his business. But picking fruit (No offense at farmworkers. The job is incredibly painstaking, and I could never do it.), should not be the only viable option for a newly-minted lawyer.

We reached out to Mr. Appleseed for more information about the unique work experience. If we hear back, we will let you know how the hell this happened.

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