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Want To Work for a ‘Legal Baller’?

If so, and if you happen to be a “[y]oung attractive hip female,” keep reading….

It’s possible this job posting was posted as a prank, but we’ll take it at face value for now. From the San Diego Craigslist (click to enlarge):

This guy is a baller, according to Urban Dictionary.

Where to begin?

First, one would expect a “legal baller” to be familiar with employment law.

Second, in light of the request for “[y]oung attractive hip females” as applicants, I’m skeptical of the claim of “[p]rofessional job conditions.” This strikes me as a more discreet version of the Chicago lawyer’s Craigslist posting that allegedly sought a legal secretary willing “to have sexual interaction with me and my partner, sometimes together sometimes separate.”

Third, I have trouble believing in a “legal baller” who handles “criminal defense, family law, personal injury, contract law, [and] business litigation.” As the old saying goes, “jack of all trades, master of none.”

UPDATE (8:50 PM): The comments to this post contain some interesting claims (but please note that we have not independently verified them).

Legal Baller’s Legal Assistant [Craigslist – San Diego]

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