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Adderall Abuse At Stanford Law School? Only If You Look Really Close.

It’s probably the Harvard in me that makes me want to subconsciously disparage the accomplishments of Stanford Law School whenever it bubbles up to number 2 in the U.S. News Law School Rankings.

But maybe we’ve got evidence on just how Stanford was able to jump ahead of HLS this year. A tipster reports that there’s an Adderall epidemic at Stanford Law. He says there might be an “Adderall ring” at the law school.

Maybe. Or maybe one pill fell on the ground…

Remember, there are people who take Adderall and have a legitimate prescription for it. And of course, there are people who take it for an study boost.

But whatever your reason for taking the drug, nobody likes a litterbug. From our tipster:

Standing by the planters, I spotted an odd orange item half-buried in the dirt. I looked at it more closely and determined it was a pill. I pulled it out, looked up the label online, and found out it is a 20 mg Adderall capsule. It looks like someone is dealing Adderall in the planters.

Or, you know, someone could have just dropped one of his pills because he was really focused on the beautiful Palo Alto trees .

But I’m loving the tipster’s investigation here. Check out the slideshow to see pictures the tipster sent in of the alleged Stanford drug problem. I mean, a regular person might not think one pill is evidence of a campus epidemic, and if you believe in the “lone pill in the planter” theory, you’re also probably the kind of person who thinks Americans really landed on the Moon.

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