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Allegations of Racism Fly As Harvard Law Braces for Today’s Student Government Elections

First, we have some late breaking news. The HLS Record reports somebody has asked for an emergency postponement of the election. Our sources say that candidate Galloway is the requesting party. Why she’s trying to torture the Harvard Law community even longer is beyond me. I suggest that HLS just accept the vote of the Above the Law community, reflected in the reader poll below, and move on.

But to make it “fair,” we have to tell you a little bit about the third candidate: “The Joker.” The Joker is a white male, but nobody is accusing him of racism. The Joker hasn’t staked out a position on the amendment nobody cares about. The Joker is running simply to make a mockery of the system that allows him to run.

You see, The Joker is a graduating 3L. He won’t even be around next year to fulfill his student government obligations. According to students, The Joker has pledged that if he wins he will fix this rule and some other obvious flaws in the student government constitution and resign. He even has a snappy little slogan: “Win. Fix. Resign.”

Is there any chance he can lose at this point? He will be the consensus choice of everybody who thinks Self-Affinity and Joanne Galloway have acted like little babies. And the downside is what? They won’t have a president next year? Do you think anybody gives a crap?

Well, let’s help out the kids at HLS. Who do you think should be the new Student Government President?

Who should be the new HLS Student Government President?

  • The Joker (90%, 1,044 Votes)
  • Joanne Galloway (7%, 82 Votes)
  • Self-Affinity (3%, 36 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,162

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