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Associate Bonus Watch: Winston & Strawn

Yes, we know: you’re all waiting eagerly for spring bonuses. We are too (because it’s great for the news cycle and our traffic). But right now we have nothing to report on that front. As soon as you hear of spring bonus movement (cough cough, Sullivan & Cromwell), please email us or text us (646-820-8477 / 646-820-TIPS).

In the meantime, we’ll catch up on regular bonus news. Even though it’s already March, some firms are only just now getting around to announcing their 2011 year-end bonuses. We have various tips floating around for various firms, but we need additional corroboration for many of them. If you can help us out, you know where to reach us (see contact info, supra).

Today we have bonus news from Winston & Strawn, which announced its bonuses a while ago….

Winston announced its bonuses earlier this year (around late January or early February, we believe). Our understanding is that they — shocker! — largely followed the Cravath scale, provided that you made your hours. The hours cutoff was 2000 hours.

The firm also announced the standard pay raises for increased seniority. The pay scale is “essentially lockstep,” as one source told us. As you may recall, last year Winston moved back to the standard scale ($160K, $170K, $185K, $210K, $230K, $250K, etc.).

If you have additional info about Winston, concerning bonuses or any other matter — congrats to the firm on the Motorola / Carl Icahn work, by the way — we welcome it. Thanks.

Winston & Strawn Advises Motorola Solutions on Icahn Stock Repurchase [Am Law Daily]

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