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ATL March Madness (2012): The Most Honest Law School Final Four

We’re at the final four.

In real life, I am in a pitched battle for second place in my NCAA tournament poll with these guys. I can’t win because the guy in first has the exact same bracket as I do from here on out. But I can still finish second, so long as one of my “friends” who is actually a floppy-headed Kansas fan doesn’t get his JayHicks into the finals.

In more law related news, our Most Honest Law School bracket is chugging along.

But there were some upsets in round 2….

Down goes Yale, down goes Harvard. In the second round, Above the Law readers decided that the law schools widely regarded as “the best” are not great at producing lawyers and admitting students with a high commitment to honesty.

I’m not so surprised with Harvard: a school of that size is bound to have a few bad apples fall through the cracks…

But Yale is small and produces ridiculous amounts of SCOTUS clerks. Surely that school puts honesty above… wait, no, we’re just being told that even a dirty liar can score a 180 LSAT.

But do you know which top school made it to the final four? That’s right, Stanford Law. Man, everything is coming up Stanford, first the #2 ranking from U.S. News, now this. If they keep at it, maybe one of their graduates will make it back on to the Supreme Court. I guess telling students that the school is going to raise tuition just because it can is an honest approach.

Columbia lost to Chicago in the match-up between those schools. That means our most honest law school final four contains NO Ivy League law schools.

Think about that for a second, and then take a look at our brackets and vote….

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