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ATL March Madness (2012): The Most Honest Law School Round 2

The real March Madness has been batsh*t crazy. Lehigh? Norfolk State? As sometimes ATL contributor Marc Edelman pointed out, schools that have top law schools took a beating with their basketball teams. Harvard, Michigan, UVA, Duke, Georgetown, and Texas were all in the tournament, and now they’re all sitting at home.

But in the Above the Law bracket, top schools survive and thrive. We’re asking readers to pick the most honest law school. We’re asking readers to tell us which law school graduates are the most honorable and ethical in their private practice.

So far, the readers are telling us they’re unable to understand anything beyond what U.S. News tells us….

Here is our updated bracket for this week. So far, the readers have pretty much gone with straight chalk:

Do people really think that being higher ranked leads to be higher moral or ethical standards? Have you ever actually met a high-end lawyer from a top law school?

In any event, there are some really good match-ups in this round. We’ve got Yale versus Berkeley. Which bastion of liberal elitism is more full of crap? Considering Yale lies about New Haven being a place anybody wants to live for three years, I think I know which way I’m leaning.

You’ve got Chicago versus Columbia: Chicago is very honest — about pretending that Law and Economics is also a morally neutral way of analyzing legal issues. Looking at Stanford v. NYU makes me consider that Stanford was the only school I applied to that didn’t accept me — maybe they knew something NYU did not? And then there’s HLS versus Michigan Law. You don’t think of a big corporate school like Harvard as being particularly committed to honesty, but at least nobody steals other people’s lunches up in Cambridge.

Obviously, don’t let my thoughts influence you. Let’s get to the voting. Let’s look at round 2 of a contest smart schools can actually win….

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