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BREAKING: Class Action Lawsuit Against New York Law School Dismissed

A representative from NYLS contacted Above the Law to comment on today’s dismissal:

We are delighted to announce that, this morning, Judge Melvin L. Schweitzer dismissed the lawsuit against New York Law School (Alexandra Gomez-Jimenez, et al. vs. New York Law School, et al.) in its entirety, in a clear, thoughtful and comprehensive decision.

New York Law School works hard to communicate the realities of the legal job market to current and prospective students. We will continue to provide an excellent legal education to our students, and to support our students and graduates as they embark on their professional careers. We thank our dedicated community of faculty, students and alumni for their support throughout this process.

We reached out to Team Strauss/Anziska for comment, and this is what the law school litigation squad had to say:

We fully disagree with the judge’s decision and fully intend to appeal as soon as possible. Essentially, the judge’s two main points are that a reasonable consumer should have known better and should not have reasonably relied on NYLS’s detailed employment reports and that damages are too speculative. We believe that these issues are questions of fact — not law — and that the First Department will agree with us. This is one setback is a long-term process, and we always expected for many of these issues to ultimately be resolved on an appellate level. Moreover, we fully intend to soldier on and to sue many more law schools in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead

The good news: this is not the end of the law school litigation. The bad news: we can probably expect more dismissals before we receive any more good news.

Gomez-Jimenez, et al v. New York Law School [Order and Decision re: Dismissal – New York Supreme Court]

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