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Legal Forecast: Gloria Allred Sues Over Sexy Weather Babes

Here at Above the Law, we sometimes feel like meteorologists, if only because we often cover the legal world’s sh*t storms. Speaking of which, this morning we saw an interesting lawsuit pattern coming through on the Doppler radar all the way from California. It looks like we could be facing some gale force bitchiness, because Gloria Allred is at the eye of the storm.

It seems that her latest client, a weatherman, has been prevented from predicting precipitation and making it rain. He believes that a record heatwave over his competitions’ Grand Tetons is the cause of his unemployment. In simpler terms, Allred’s client is suing because he is not an “attractive young female”….

According to Radar Online, Kyle Hunter, an award-winning weatherman, claims in his lawsuit (available here) that he was denied prime time employment opportunities at two Los Angeles news stations because of his age and gender. He believes that the stations opted to offer the positions to younger, more attractive women “in order to induce more men to watch their prime time newscasts.”

When Hunter later asked a manager at one of the stations why he hadn’t even been considered for the job, he was allegedly told that he “wouldn’t be the type men would want to look at.”

That being said, let’s take a look at Hunter and his competition. Who would you rather see on television?

From left to right: Evelyn Taft, Kyle Hunter, and Jackie Johnson.

Hunter is cute, but he doesn’t exactly make my barometer rise. Let’s face it: he’s no Lee Goldberg. As far as “weather babes” Evelyn Taft and Jackie Johnson are concerned, well, they’re hot, and most men would definitely want to look at them — hell, I want to look at them.

But what about Ms. Allred? Contrary to popular belief, she’s an equal opportunity lawyer:

“[This case] is important because although most victims of gender discrimination are female, men such as Kyle Hunter can also be victims and they are also protected from sex and age discrimination under the law.”

That may be so, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that Hunter can sue his way into a job on prime time TV. Readers, what do you think? Which meteorologist rates the highest on your heat index? Vote in our poll:

Which meteorologist is the hottest?

  • Evelyn Taft (52%, 374 Votes)
  • Jackie Johnson (42%, 300 Votes)
  • Kyle Hunter (6%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 717

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