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Quote of the Day: Talk About a Poison Pill…

Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner

For far too long, elected officials, especially women — we have abdicated our responsibility to show men as much love in the reproductive health arena as they have shown us over the years. And so we must do something about this. So my bill, Senate Bill 307, is all about the love, and making sure we look out for men’s sexual health.

— Ohio State Senator Nina Turner, explaining her introduction of a bill that would limit men’s access to Viagra and other similar erectile dysfunction drugs. Turner’s bill comes in the wake of several anti-abortion bills that have passed in state legislatures.

(What does Turner want men to do in order to get their Viagra prescriptions? This might be a little hard to swallow, but let’s take a look….)

Slate Magazine has more information on the requirements proposed in Turner’s bill:

Turner’s proposal would require a man seeking Viagra to first attain an affidavit from a sexual partner attesting to his impotency, see a state-approved sex therapist, complete a stress test to assure he is healthy enough for sexual activity, and return to the doctor every 90 days to check on his cardiac health. The patient would also have to attend three outpatient counseling sessions within six months of receiving his prescription to ensure that he fully understands the “dangerous side effects” of taking erectile dysfunction drugs.

That first bit about the impotency affidavit seems a little embarrassing, but it’s surely no worse than a transvaginal ultrasound, eh boys?

Ohio Dem’s Viagra Bill Would Place Strict Restrictions on Prescriptions [Slate Magazine]

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