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During Finals, Even The Toilet Paper Can Offer A Moment Of Clarity

Isn't this what the toilet paper looks like at your law school?

Shouldn’t Bar/Bri or somebody sell toilet paper with property rules on it so people could take an easement on the throne? Perhaps one could adversely possess the toilet in an open, hostile, and notorious manner?

Sorry, I don’t usually go for toilet humor, but students at Case Western Reserve University School of Law have inspired me. Somebody at Case has been using TP in very interesting ways.

But the toilet paper isn’t trying to save your GPA, it’s trying to save your soul…

A tipster at Case Western sent us quite the story. You know it’s finals period when the toilet paper finds Jesus:

While I was sitting on the throne at my home away from home, Case Western Reserve University, I reached for the cheap toilet paper (They used to have decent paper, but they decided to give US News another reason to drop our rankings by giving us something inferior to crepe paper). As I began to pull the toilet paper from its spool I was suddenly assaulted by a piece of religious literature. You see, someone had artfully pulled out enough toilet paper from the spool, taped the literature to the toilet paper, and then reversed engineered the roll back to its original state.

I’m not sure about the rest of ATL’s readers; however, I’m really not partial to being assaulted by religious literature in the midst of contemplating the constitution.

I’m not sure whether I should be more disturbed by the fact that someone thought that they could save one more person in such a precarious position OR that someone had the time and energy during reading week to impose a religious intervention against people who would be caught with their pants down.

I think Case Western Law should put “God’s Toilet” into its recruitment brochure.

I know, I know, pictures or it didn’t happen…

(hidden for your protection)

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