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Fun Fact of the Day: ‘All Apologies’ for Killing Obamacare?

It is hard to beat Nirvana’s “Complete Sub Pop Singles.” And I’m a big fan of the Kooks. It’s very catchy and a little less loud than Nirvana and a little more family-friendly.

Paul Clement, the former Solicitor General and current Bancroft partner who argued Obamacare in the Supreme Court, discussing his musical tastes with the New York Times.

(Additional fun facts, plus a link to the full interview, after the jump.)

Clement’s taste in music is surprising; I would have pegged him as a classical music guy. His reading tastes are more predictable (affiliate links):

Mostly briefs, old Supreme Court cases and the Federalist Papers, so when I get a chance to unwind I grab novels like True History of the Kelly Gang, by Peter Carey, which is beautifully written and completely evocative of the early days of Australia. Or I’ll read travel writing, like a bunch of Norman Lewis classics, or humor, like an old P. G. Wodehouse book.

The only legal book I am reading is Chuck Lane’s book on the death penalty. The Day Freedom Died, about the Colfax massacre, is one of the best legal books I have read. I am also reading The Trumpet of the Swan, by E.B. White, but only out loud and at bedtime to my 9-year-old.

What sports does Clement follow? And what blogs does he read? Check out the complete interview via the link below.

Download: Paul Clement [New York Times via How Appealing]

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