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Lawyer of the Day: Ex-Clerk Accused in Bizarre Break-In

Earlier today, we mentioned the University of Louisville’s nice jump in this year’s U.S. News law school rankings. ATL readers are probably more familiar with the school, however, as the alma mater of Courtney King. King got in trouble for acts she allegedly committed while intoxicated, which gave rise to the diva-tastic phrase, “Google me, b*tch.”

This week, another Louisville law grad is in trouble for allegedly drinking too much and acting just an eensy-weensy bit belligerent. By that we mean she stands accused of trying to break into a judge’s house.

Keep reading to learn more about our hot-blooded lawyer of the day — and to see her mug shot. She’s attractive…

Kristine Ragan used to be a clerk in Clark County Circuit Court, Indiana. Last week, she got in big trouble when she allegedly tried to break into the house of Judge Mickey Weber, of the Clarksville Town Court. From WHAS11:

Police said Kristine Ragan showed up drunk at Weber’s Clarksville home on North Taggart Avenue and refused to leave. Police put her in a cab, advised her to go home and not to return or risk being arrested.

Two hours later, police said Ragan came back to the house, and according to the police report, Weber told police he had to physically restrain her as she battered him trying to get inside.

That’s some Tenacious D(runkenness). According to police, Ragan — who has been charged with criminal trespass, resisting law enforcement, battery, and public intoxication — blew a .181. Not too shabby (even if it pales in comparison to the DLA Piper partner who allegedly hit a .253).

You have to wonder what motivated Ragan to go to all that trouble. It seems notable that she was a former employee of the court. Was Ragan one of the nameless masses of underemployed attorneys roaming the country in desperate search of food and doc review work?

For what it’s worth, Ragan appears to be quite pretty. Unfortunately, her shirt appears to be on backwards (and possibly inside-out) in her mugshot. You can see the label sticking out:

Must have been one hell of an evening.

Her shirt isn’t the only thing that’s ass-backwards about this story. Judges are supposed to go after clerks, not the other way around.

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