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Legacy Dewey Ballantine and Legacy LeBoeuf Lamb: Choose Your Weapon

Blame Both Sides: Because It’s The Post-Merger Decisions That Have Caused All The Trouble.

Honestly, this merger was announced almost five years ago. At some level, both legacy firms are equally to blame for the decisions they’ve made.

One argument is that Dewey & LeBoeuf made too many aggressive, expensive lateral partner hires in recent years. Some argue that the firm got caught paying for a lot of talent just as the bottom went out on the economy in general. It’s nobody’s fault; that’s a possibility, too.

What do you think? Who is to blame for the struggles besetting Dewey & LeBoeuf?

Who is to blame for the struggles of Dewey & LeBoeuf?

  • They're both equally to blame. (53%, 516 Votes)
  • Legacy Dewey Ballantine. (23%, 221 Votes)
  • It's no one's "fault"; sometimes stuff just happens. (13%, 132 Votes)
  • Legacy LeBoeuf Lamb. (11%, 110 Votes)

Total Voters: 979

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