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Legal Eagle Wedding Watch: The Conspiracy

This week, Legal Eagle Wedding Watch salutes… a divorce lawyer. This one dutifully dissolved her client’s marriage, seeing him through a contentious custody battle. But then she went the extra mile and set him up with his next wife. Attention, divorce bar: We smell a new business model.

But let’s not let talk of divorce spoil our ooh-ing and ahh-ing over some tender new lawyer marriages. Here are this week’s finalists:

Ainsley Fuhr and Orin Kerr

Alison Silber and Eric Lesser

Elizabeth Marshall and Jeffrey Leeds

Read on for all the juicy details on these newlyweds, plus a recap of all the recent legal-eagle nuptials….

Ainsley Fuhr and Orin Kerr
(Buy them a seder plate.)

The Case:
– This blonde bride works for the SEC. She has an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan, an MBA from Duke, and a weakness for early-90s scarves.
– Her bespectacled groom graduated magna from Princeton, and has both a master’s in engineering from Stanford and a JD from Harvard. He clerked at SCOTUS for Justice Anthony Kennedy and now teaches law at GWU.
– Orin’s also a blogger at The Volokh Conspiracy, a kind of Gawker for right-libertarian law geeks. The site is so influential that it’s been credited with killing Obamacare. We hear Kim Kardashian has it bookmarked.

The Case Against:
– Speaking of the Court and Obamacare, LEWW doesn’t understand all the commotion over a decision that hasn’t been, you know, decided. From the dancing in the end zone at Volokh, to Jeffrey Toobin wailing “train wreck,” it looks to us like the fetishization of oral argument by a lot of people who should know better. Kennedy’s clerks are laughing at y’all.

Alison Silber and Eric Lesser
(Buy them a cake stand.)

The Case:
– Here’s a one-and-a-half-JD couple. Alison, a graduate of UPenn with a law degree from the University of Maryland, is “in private practice” in Cambridge. Eric graduated from Harvard and is currently a 1L at HLS.
– Eric’s a tutor at his Harvard residential college. Yeah, one of those people.

The Case Against:
– Eric in his own words: “I worked for the Obama presidential campaign, where I helped carry luggage (among other things) for then-Senator Obama, his staff, and traveling reporters.” Ugh, a humble brag from another 20-something Rahm-Emanuel-wannabe. No doubt he was also one of the 50 million people whose ’08 post-election Facebook status was, “Yes. We. Did.” (“I’m always looking for people to talk to,” he continues. That’s not hard to believe.)

Elizabeth Marshall and Jeffrey Leeds
(They don’t need your pathetic gifts.)

The Case:
– This groom was summa at Yale and magna at Harvard Law. He went on to clerk at the Supreme Court for Justice William J. Brennan. During his clerkship, his future wife was toddling around somewhere in diapers, unaware that one day she’d be marrying some old dude. Elizabeth went on to graduate from Barnard and now works for Common Good, a nonprofit.
– After working at Cravath and Lazard Frères, Jeffrey founded Leeds Equity Partners, a private equity firm…
– … which seems to have done well, because Rudolph Guiliani officiated at their wedding.

The Case Against:
– He’s nearly twice her age, but she’s the one who’s been married before. Seriously, Elizabeth has really scored here: Jeffrey’s stinkin’ rich, and likely too old to dump her in her forties. But he’s shockingly good-looking (go here and search for Leeds to see a much yummier picture), and he hasn’t been married before, so there aren’t any (legitimate) pain-in-the-ass step-offspring in the picture. Even knowing nothing about her first husband, we can confidently say she traded up.

The Verdict:
We adore the Volokh boys (except for that über-smug one, what’s-his-name). Still, Team Fuhr-Kerr is only the runner-up this week. Jeffrey Leeds may have clerked for some Justice nobody’s heard of, but “rich guy” beats “law prof.” Or maybe that’s just LEWW’s wishful election-year thinking. Congratulations, Team Marshall-Leeds!

Honorable Mention:
Kelly Zimmerman and Stephen Rickard (BU)
Abby Cook-Mack and David Sandler (2, Georgetown, Columbia)
Madeline Fleisher and Matthew McKenzie (2, Harvard, Yale, Jenner)
Narda-Marie Newby and Malik Edwards (2, UPenn, Yale)
Marianna Mancusi-Ungaro and Nicholas Chapleau (2, Chicago, Gibson Dunn)

The Rest:
Margo Lederhandler and Douglas Zolkind (Cornell, Davis Polk)
Ginny LaRoe and Matthew Cate (Hastings)
Sarah Thorndike and Caleb Kelly (Fordham)
Amy Gitlitz and Frederick Bennett (Cardozo)
Bonnie Foley and Jay Mangold Jr. (2, William & Mary)
Elizabeth Taxin and Craig Nemiroff (Yale)
Russell Plato and Joel Nolan (2, NYU, New England School of Law)
Marisa Warren and Brian Spiro (U of Miami)
Héctor Lozada and Norman Simon (NYU)
Andrea Mirabito and Marshall Frank (Cardozo)
Jasmine Chang and Philip Carpenter III (Brooklyn)
Elizabeth Oliner and Burt Herman (Cardozo)
Michelle Collins and Mariano Mallol (Columbia, Holland & Knight)
Shayne Adler and Michael Sirlag (Hastings, Vanderbilt)
Leah Edelman and Martín Strauch (2, Florida, Fried Frank)
Brian Winfield and Kim Byrd (NYLS)
Lisa Satill and David Rosen (UPenn)
Raina Miller and Steven Fischler (Cardozo)
Catherine Milne and Matthew Bloom (Cornell, Hogan)
Sarah Becker and Zachary Zimmerman (University of Baltimore)
Benjamin Miller and Sean Reisman (Fordham)
Christine Terada and Keith Schuricht (Northwestern)
Tabitha Oman and Myron Manternach (GWU, Wilmer)
Nicholas De Baun and Peter Noah (NYU, Sidley)
Jenifer Marsh and Thomas Nassim (Duke)
Rebecca Riddick and Daniel Ostrovsky (2, Georgetown, Chicago)

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