Non-Sequiturs: 04.06.12

Dear Google Images: Next time I do a search for 'Jewish Easter Bunny' I expect to find a blue and white bunny celebrating the diversity of faith. Not a collection of unfunny jokes.

* If we could send David Attenborough into a law school library around finals time, he might well write something as accurate as this. [Drug Addicted Law Student]

* This is a more nuanced defense of affirmative action based on the Baylor numbers. You know, if you didn’t find “go f*** yourself” persuasive. [She Negotiates / Forbes]

* Banging chicks isn’t a hobby, it’s a business. [Dealbreaker]

* Native Americans getting probed. [Miami Herald]

* The name non-lawyer pundits need to get familiar with is “Lochner.” [Huffington Post]

* I think fewer law students are interested in politics because they realize the Supreme Court is the proper place to affect national policy. [LSAT Blog]

* Don’t forget to send in your Law Revue videos. Honestly, if I don’t get anything from NYU Law soon, I’m just going to go down there and start taping people at Off the Wagon. [Above the Law]

* Happy Passover. And Happy Easter. I think I’m supposed to pour wine on my door and wait for it to be transubstantiated into the blood of a lamb so that God knows to bring me chocolate and only hide the eggs of first born Muslim children, right? [The Atlantic]

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