Non-Sequiturs: 04.16.12

* Just think, if the wage gap didn’t exist, you could be a better sugar mama. We’re talking like 14 crappy cars over a lifetime. [Jezebel]

* Here’s a fun divorce law round-up. Just how much is a law degree from Notre Dame worth these days? Not as much as it actually costs to obtain it, but no surprise there. [Legal Blog Watch]

* Maybe instead of writing poetry about filing your tax returns, you should be, oh, I dunno, filing your tax returns? Just a thought. Tomorrow’s the deadline, people! [TaxProf Blog]

* “Did I do that?” Steve Urkel is trying to legally silence his baby mama, but that sounds like the douchey kind of move that only Stefan Urquelle would try to pull. [Radar Online]

* Just another reason why you shouldn’t be calling women fat: they’re probably really hungry. Like Tyson v. Holyfield hungry. [Legal Juice]

* After a too-long hiatus, Blawg Review is back in action. Check out Mark Bennett’s Letter-from-Birmingham-Jail-themed entry in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. [Blawg Review via Defending People]

* The results from the March administration of the MPRE are out! Congratulations or condolences to our readers, but look at it this way: no matter how it worked out, you get to have a drink. [MPRE Services]

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