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Quote of the Day: He Does Have a Point

Folks go out there and say, ‘I’m mad at the plaintiffs,’ and ‘I see the same names,’ and ‘Let’s go bash the plaintiffs’ attorneys.’ I don’t mind that, but the law has been there, don’t kid yourself.

Martin J. Coleman, defending the barrage of Americans with Disabilities Act suits that he and other plaintiffs’ attorneys have filed in New York City.

(Coleman also had more choice words for his detractors. Check them out, as well as the other side of the ADA suit debate, after the jump.)

Today’s issue of the New York Times featured a large story on the “ADA troll trend,” as we mentioned in Morning Docket. Here is more from Coleman, who, the Times reports, has filed almost 130 cases in the Eastern District of New York:

“As a private attorney, every lawsuit that I file is to make money, because that’s how I make a living,” he added. “And in that regard, I’m no different than any other private attorney.”

That is one way to look at it. Dude is just trying to make a living! On the other hand, the targets of the litigation feel victimized themselves:

“All they want is money; they get the money, and they move on to the next target,” said Ming Hai, a Queens lawyer who has defended businesses from the suits. “It has become a profession to go out and look for a little problem here and there.”

If I had a J.D., I’d sue in the mornin’
I’d sue in the evenin’
All over this land.

I’d hammer out discrimination
I’d hammer out a warning
I’d hammer out some justice for all the disabled
All over this land.

Disabilities Act Prompts Flood of Suits Some Cite as Unfair [New York Times]

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