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Quote of the Day: That Doesn’t Exactly Make Sense, Either

Half of it’s nonsense, and the other half is more nonsense.

Tony Abbatangelo, referring to blog comments in the course of responding to a defamation suit filed against his client, an anonymous internet commenter known only as “Lawyer.”

(What are the salacious comments that “Lawyer” is being sued over? Find out, after the jump.)

Here’s the report, from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Former Chief Deputy District Attorney Mary Brown and her husband, defense attorney and former prosecutor Phil Brown, are suing an anonymous commenter who posted online that Mary Brown “had sexual relations in order to get promoted,” according to the lawsuit.

The Browns say the comment is false and has harmed their reputations.

Tony Abbatangelo is trying to keep the identity of “Lawyer” a secret, by filing a motion to quash a subpoena served on the Review-Journal seeking information about the controversial commenter. “Lawyer” sounds a bit like Sal Perricone, the former federal prosecutor in New Orleans who wrote inflammatory online observations:

[T]he motion to quash suggests that the anonymous commenter is “admittedly a very unpopular member of the legal community.”

Mary Brown isn’t the only public official the commenter has hounded in the comments section of the Review-Journal. “Lawyer” also has taken shots at judges and “expressed disdain towards police and other public officials.”

The commenter also fears he or she will lose his or her license to practice law.

Losing your law license? There are worse things. Writing saucy statements on the internet is certainly more fun than practicing law.

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