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The Only Thing That’s ‘Hot’ at This School Is the Temperature

Back in mid-March, we brought you a story about a law school in Michigan that had been flummoxed by the sun’s wrath. Now, almost like clockwork, just one month later, we’ve got another story about #firstworldproblems coming from a law school in Connecticut.

The school in question is well aware of its climate control problem, “but it has not yet risen to a level of importance to get funding.” You hear that, law students? Pit stains be damned! Your comfort is meaningless, and the hundreds of thousands of dollars that you collectively pay to attend law school are nothing more than an entry fee to an overpriced sauna.

But should we really be surprised? This school already suffered a major rankings fail in 2012, so asking them to turn off the heat on an 80+ degree day might be too much to handle….

It’s almost like UConn Law is trying to start a trend in dropping it like it’s hot. First, they dropped six spots in the U.S. News rankings, then they dropped Dean Jeremy Paul, and now they’re asking law students to drop trou in the library due to unseasonably warm temperatures and their inability to turn off the heat.

Our tip comes from “a very concerned and hot student” who describes the law school’s library as an “inferno.” Students received this email today from a library staff member:

We apologize for the warm temperature in the Law Library today.

The higher room temperatures in the Law Library are due to the unusually warm outdoor temperature we are experiencing. At this time of year the Law Library is cooled by pulling outside air into the building, since the air conditioning unit is not ready to be turned on.

Please note that the air conditioning in the Law Library is much more complicated to turn on than simply flipping a switch to your home air conditioning unit.

The weather report indicates that air temperatures will return to what is considered normal for the month of April on Wednesday 04/18/12. With this in mind, please dress for warmer temperatures while on campus both today and tomorrow.

Yeah, because issuing a school-wide Nelly alert is really going to help the situation. Of course, you could also leave the library — it’s UConn, not Yale.

Don’t worry, students, you’re probably studying for finals right now, so with the insane amount of coffee running through your systems, there’s no way you’ll get dehydrated. Oh, wait…

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