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Today Is ‘International Be Kind to Lawyers Day’ — So How ‘Bout Those Spring Bonuses?

In case you haven’t heard (and you probably haven’t), today is apparently International Be Kind to Lawyers Day. So what are people supposed to do on this high holy day for lawyers? Scream “I’m ga-ga over my attorney!” out their windows? Work the phrase “I object!” into everyday conversations (as suggested by the creator of this event)?

Well, we’ve got an idea that we think our audience will really appreciate. Because the best way to be kind to lawyers in Biglaw is to show them the money. On that note, where are the spring bonuses?

Last year, a dozen or so firms had announced news of spring bonuses by March 1. This time around, Sullivan & Cromwell stated in its year-end bonus memo that the firm “expected” to dole out spring bonuses. Here’s a quick refresher on the exact language used:

“As in past years, the Firm currently expects to pay a bonus in the Spring.”

That important message came on December 8, 2011 — and that was the last official pronouncement about the promised monetary incentive. In fact, our own David Lat had to pry a tiny tidbit of information from the firm’s senior chairman as to the whereabouts of the elusive spring bonuses.

The response: “Spring is not yet done.” Yes, we know, spring doesn’t officially end until June 19, but come on. Is it really too much to ask that spring bonuses be paid before people start opening their pools? And yes, we know, the bonuses might be smaller compared to the generous offerings that were brought to the table last year. But that doesn’t mean that S&C’s lawyers won’t be grateful when they do come.

Sure, some bitter members of the Biglaw community will cry dollar-driven tears about their tiny, pink bonuses, but that doesn’t mean that they’re any less deserving of them. If anything, announcement of spring bonuses will improve the general morale among existing Biglaw attorneys. Just look at the current Biglaw scene: a once-prominent firm is on the brink of imploding, leaving others wondering if their firm could be next.

Why not make your firm seem like a stable, successful, market-leading enterprise, and announce the numbers for this year’s spring bonuses? After all, it’s Be Kind to Lawyers Day, and that would truly be the kindest gesture possible.

International Be Kind To Lawyers Day [Be Kind to Lawyers]

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