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A Hottie From Down Under Sues Her School Because She Was Too Slow to Study Law

The latest craze in the world of higher education seems to be suing your school if you don’t get exactly what you want handed to you on a silver platter. Let’s say you went to law school and you weren’t able to get a job that didn’t involve slinging Frappuccinos — or a job, at all, period. You should probably sue over the school’s allegedly misleading employment statistics. That seems like it might be an okay thing to do, because after all, it wasn’t really your fault.

Or, even better, you went to law school without finishing your undergraduate degree, and now you can’t take the bar exam. You should obviously sue the school for negligently allowing you to enroll. That was kind of your fault, but you’re going to sue anyway, because it’s easier to blame someone else than accept responsibility for your actions.

Or perhaps you’re an international student and you want to go to college and major in law, but you’re too slow to understand that 2 + 2 never equals 5. Whatever, you say — God doesn’t give with both hands, and it’s better to be hot. Alas, now you can’t get into the college program of your choice. You should definitely sue your high school for your own failures, because, really… why not?

Apparently this is a logical course of action these days. This slippery-slope phenomenon has spread across the United States like wildfire, and now it’s landed in Australia, where college hottie Rose Ashton-Weir has decided to sue her high school. An Australian newspaper, The Age, has the details:

Rose Ashton-Weir

A FORMER student who is suing Geelong Grammar School says she decided to seek damages after she failed to qualify for her preferred university course.

Rose Ashton-Weir, 18, alleges Geelong Grammar gave her inadequate academic support, particularly in maths.

Seeking compensation in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, she said her final secondary school score was too low to study law at the University of Sydney.

Of her time at Geelong Grammar, she said: “I didn’t ever feel I was getting the support I needed to really excel.”

Ashton-Weir had been placed on “internal suspension” several times while at Geelong Grammar School, and had been absent from class even more. According to the school’s lawyer, Darren Ferrari, Ashton-Weir’s file “noted she was intelligent but failed to complete school work.” Personal responsibility fail.

But aww, she didn’t feel like she was getting the support that she needed. Her life must’ve been so tough — how sad embarrassing for her. Honey, you were in high school. If you needed support, you should’ve bought a better bra. If you needed better grades, you should’ve DONE YOUR F**KING HOMEWORK. It’s that simple.

When your own stupidity is the root cause of your problems, your ability to sue over them should be revoked.

School ‘failed to get me into law’ [The Age]

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