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Allegedly Lusty Legal Ladies: Updates on Reema Bajaj and Madam Justice Lori Douglas

Reema Bajaj: lawyer accused of prostitution

Let’s take a break from the sad and serious story of Dewey & LeBoeuf’s downfall and turn (or return) our attention to another kind of going down. In more salacious, racy fare, we bring you updates about female legal eagles who have flown high in these pages before — and now might find themselves crashing earthward.

The first is Reema N. Bajaj, a beautiful young Illinois lawyer who has been accused — perhaps unfairly — of prostitution charges. The second is Madam Justice A. Lori Douglas, a Canadian judge whose nude photos made their way to the internets.

So what’s the latest news about Bajaj and Douglas? Here’s a hint: What does each share in common with Bill Clinton?

We’ll start with Reema Bajaj. What does she share in common with Bill Clinton? A special prosecutor is looking into her sex life, as reported by the DeKalb Daily Chronicle:

A special prosecutor is trying a case involving a lawyer who has been charged with prostitution.

Reema Bajaj, 26, of the 100 block of Penny Lane in Sycamore, was arrested May 31 on three prostitution charges. The three counts stem from two incidents – one Aug. 13, 2010, and the other May 10.

DeKalb County State’s Attorney Clay Campbell said the request for a special prosecutor was made because Bajaj is still serving as the attorney for clients being prosecuted in the court system.

The special prosecutor, Springfield-based attorney Charles Colburn, said it’s common to call in a special prosecutor for a defendant who is an attorney, police officer or public official who has familiarity with people working in the court system.

“It’s not unusual that they’ll call us in to avoid any appearance of impropriety,” he said.

Too late. If there’s one word that describes the Bajaj case, it’s not “propriety.” Just make sure the prosecution paralegals aren’t advertising themselves on

In all seriousness, a special prosecutor sounds fair. When prosecutors go after criminal defense attorneys, things can get awkward; people might wonder whether the prosecutors are just trying to take down accomplished adversaries. See, e.g., Paul Bergrin (former federal prosecutor turned defense lawyer turned defendant in a murder-for-hire case).

Bajaj’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 20, according to the Chronicle.

Now, on to Canada. What does Judge Lori Douglas share in common with Bill Clinton?

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