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Bar Review Diaries: How Did Last Year’s Diarists Do?

The deadline for entering the 2012 bar review diaries contest passed on Friday. We received close to 200 submissions and will announce the winners early next week. To hold you over until then, we checked in with last year’s student columnists. And we have some updates!

Where are Mariah, Mike, and Christopher now? Did they pass the bar? Let’s see…

First, let’s check in with Mariah Ford. If you remember, this Columbia Law grad spent much of last summer studying for the bar on a pastoral farm in Vermont. She passed the bar, but she’s not working as an attorney. Now we’ll call her Mariah, Madam Librarian:

I am finishing up receiving my MLIS (Masters in Library and Information Science) at the University of Washington. As part of the program I work part-time at the Gallagher Law Library, which has been really wonderful (such a power rush, shushing people all the time). I am not going to lie: I am really happy I am not an attorney!

I feel like I have learned so much more about the legal resources that are out there in just a year. I have grown to realize just how much information is out there — or maybe I haven’t, since it is pretty inconceivable. Interestingly, preparing for the bar has helped me become a better law librarian, by providing me with some context and background in areas of law of which I was previously ignorant.

Aside from school and work, I have spent the past year enjoying Seattle and coping with the inevitable stress that comes from being a fan of the Denver Broncos and Colorado Buffaloes. I miss Vermont and the Irish terrier I was dog-sitting while studying for the bar, and will miss Seattle when I leave here this summer, but I am excited for wherever I go next!

Nice work, Mariah! Way to take on a unique career path. Best of luck in your continued shushing.

Next we checked in with Mike Dulong, who graduated from UCLA Law and spent a large chunk of last summer stressing about employment. Luckily, it looks like it things turned out well for Mike:

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I agreed to write a blog for Themis/ATL! Looking back, that was one of the strangest decisions I’ve ever made…

That’s okay, Mike. We won’t hold it against you (too much)…

Since the bar, which I passed with flying colors thanks to Themis and my daily diligence in NYPL, I took a position bartending in a sports bar in Williamsburg for a few weeks of skateboard commuting, keg lifting, and drink slinging. I like to think of that period in my life as an extended “bar trip.”


From there I started volunteering with Riverkeeper, Inc. Thank goodness for UCLA’s New Graduate Opportunity Program, which funded my work here over the past six months, and helped me get hired in my dream job. Today [NB: Mike sent this email last week] marks my first day as an official member of Riverkeeper’s staff!

We’re doing important work to safeguard the Hudson River and NYC’s drinking water, such as fighting to close Indian Point, an old nuclear reactor dangerously close to NYC (think Fukushima), and preventing irresponsible natural gas extraction via hydraulic fracturing in New York State which threatens to decimate New York’s environment, its economy, and its residents’ health. Check us out at!

Congratulations Mike!

We have not heard back from Christopher Curran, the bighearted San Franciscan and graduate of UC Hastings. When we last heard from him, though, he was planning to work on immigration law at the office of Fernando Quiñones. Wherever Christopher is, we wish him the best as well.

So, wave a final goodbye to our first Bar Review Diarists, but do not fret. Because in just a few days we will meet the next generation. Stay tuned!

Disclosure: This series is sponsored by Themis Bar Review, which is an ATL advertiser.

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