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Dewey Have A Meme Contest Winner? Oh Yes We Do!
(Plus some news updates.)

As we roll into the Memorial Day weekend, things are fairly quiet on the Dewey front. There’s not much news to report.

As we previously mentioned, some former partners are hiring counsel to defend them against possible clawback claims. And the ranks of ex-partners continue to grow: some nine Dewey partners, led by New York-based transactional attorney Elizabeth Powers, have moved over to Duane Morris, along with three counsel and four associates (so 16 lawyers in all).

What else can we report about Dewey? Oh yes, the winner of our meme contest….

Here’s the winning meme, featuring a shout-out to Dewey’s former executive director, the thoroughly tanned Stephen DiCarmine:

Thanks to everyone for submitting memes and for voting. If you created the winning meme, feel free to email us, subject line “Dewey Meme Contest Winner,” to claim your prize (an Above the Law t-shirt). Congratulations!

Former Dewey Partners Hire Lawyers for Possible Clawback Claims [ABA Journal]
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