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Dewey Have Plans To File for Bankruptcy? Sources Say Yes

First, the Dewey website “appears to be a ghost ship,” as one tipster told us. “Last webmaster please turn out the lights.”

As a second source noted, the search function at the Dewey website for all attorneys is apparently no longer functional. If you go to this directory page and click on any letter of the alphabet, you’ll receive this message: “Sorry, we didn’t find any results for your search. Please try again.”

If you try to enter a specific name in the search box, you’ll get the same result — even for lawyers we know are still at the firm. For example, we know that Stephen Horvath III, Dewey’s executive partner, and Janis Meyer, the firm’s general counsel, are still at D&L, overseeing the wind-down process. But if you try to either search for them by name or by clicking under “H” or “M” in the directory, you won’t find them.

Second, there’s this:

Okay, it’s actually a photoshop (produced by the folks at Engel Entertainment). But it pretty much says it all, depressingly enough.

If you’re feeling creative about Dewey yourself, feel free to enter our Dewey Meme Contest over the weekend. The deadline for submission is Monday night. Good luck.

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