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Diary Lawsuit of an Angry Stripper: Sexy Reporter Allegedly Fired for Moonlighting as an Exotic Dancer

Sometimes when you don’t have a gym membership, you wind up being a gym grifter to get your workouts in, like Julia Neyman. Other times, you wind up half-naked on the pole in seven-inch heels, like Sarah Tressler — and then you get fired from your day job as a reporter with the Houston Chronicle.

Enter Gloria Allred. We know that Ms. Allred likes to represent women in high-profile, controversial cases, but this is by far her sexiest case in recent memory (both in terms of legal issues presented, and her client’s overall hotness).

Continue reading to find out more about a girl whose booty pops almost as much as her headlines….

Sarah Tressler, a graduate of New York University’s journalism program, worked for the Houston Chronicle’s society pages from January to March of this year. At the same time, Tressler wrote about her exploits as a stripper on her blog, Diary of an Angry Stripper. Unfortunately, Tressler was outed by another local newspaper, and she was fired from her full-time job shortly thereafter. (On the upside, Tressler was probably making more money as a part-time stripper than as a full-time journalist.)

Here are more details on the suit Tressler filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, as noted by the Associated Press (via USA Today):

Tressler alleges in her one-page EEOC complaint that she was terminated “because my prior activity as an adult dancer was not disclosed when I applied for the job. I believe that the stated reason for my termination was pretextual in that I answered the questions that were put to me truthfully in connection with my application for employment. The true reason for my termination was discrimination on account of my gender.”

Unless you’ve been blinded in some kind of a freak stripper glitter accident, exotic dancing has absolutely nothing to do with your ability to write. And Girl Power Gloria agrees. According to the New York Daily News, Ms. Allred went on record with the following: “Sarah’s work as a dancer is lawful and is not a crime. It does not, has not and will not affect her ability to perform her job as a journalist.”

So what’s an unemployed journalist to do besides file a lawsuit? The Nation Now blog of the Los Angeles Times confirms that she’s already got a book deal and a stripper workout. Perhaps the next stop is a Lifetime movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt. Or better yet, an Angry Stripper line of g-strings and boobie tassels.

We’ve posted some photographs of the sexy Sarah Tressler on the next page. Since many of you access this site at work, you should know that the pictures don’t show any body parts that you couldn’t see in a day at the beach, or in the pages of a Hollywood gossip magazine.

And now, for those of you who are willing, let’s move on to the photos of Tressler in (nearly) all her glory….

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