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Law License Plates: ‘I Object, Yo Honor!’

Based on the number of submissions we’ve received — please don’t be offended if yours doesn’t make the cut — it seems you’re enjoying our Law License Plates series. Our last post on law-related vanity license plates was about one month ago, but we’re always looking for more photos. You can send them via email (subject line: “Vanity License Plate”).

Today, we’ll be writing about lawyers who spend so much time in a courtroom that they’ve decided to brand their vehicles with the evidence. Both of these submissions came to us from California, where a career in trial practice (both before and behind the bench) seems to be as hot as the soaring temperatures.

Let’s take a look at what these legal eagles are advertising on their license plates, shall we?

Spotted on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills, California, we think that the driver of this judgemobile must be making bank compared to the owner of this less-than-prestigious judicial ride. But we’ve got to wonder about this person’s judicial leanings, because nothing says “I make rational decisions” like driving a rocket-powered SUV. We dare you to refer to this judge as “Yo Honor” in court.

Lawyers sure love their Benzes, because up next, we have yet another Mercedes:

A tipster saw this car near the downtown Los Angeles courthouse, and it’s clear that the one thing the driver doesn’t object to is his salary. While he may rely on his words in the courtroom, this guy probably sees plenty of motions on the road (the most frequent of which is likely the bird being flipped).

The apparent lesson to be learned here is that these days, trial practice is a surefire way to pimp your own ride in California — no Xzibits necessary.

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