Chief Judge Kozinski is hosting… a Romanian barbecue!!!

From the invitation:

Join us for a celebration of our family’s Romanian heritage. Your friends and family are welcome. We will be serving Romanian food all afternoon, so come whenever and stay late into the evening. If you wish, come in Romanian or other ethnic dress, or wear the Romanian colors: red, yellow and blue.

The Romanian national colors appear prominently on this special t-shirt that the Kozinskis had made for the occasion:

If you’d like a shirt of your own, you can snag one here: (sometimes you need to try the link a couple times to make it work). You can even get 30% off with this coupon code: UPROMISE30. (Please note that Chief Judge Kozinski is neither selling nor endorsing this shirt; you’re just purchasing directly from

Here is Chief Judge Kozinski modeling the shirt, standing in front of Helmut Newton’s iconic photo of His Honor (click to enlarge):

Do you know who the four famous Romanians depicted on the t-shirt are? Take a closer look (click to enlarge):

Write down your guesses, then click through to the next page to learn the answers (and also to see Paul Watford’s full — and very impressive — bio).

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