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Bar Review Diaries: In Defense of Drinking or Playing Outside Instead of Studying

Last time we checked in with our 2012 Bar Review Diarists, they were, how shall we say… BORED. That boredom has given way to further procrastination by way of parties, impromptu travel, and motion picture ideas. The midsummer frantic is still some ways off, but at least Nathan, Jeanette, and Andrew seem to be enjoying themselves this summer, despite bar review pressure.

Let’s see what they’re up to, shall we?

First up, let’s talk to Nathan, who finally wrapped up his time at UChicago (FFFFUUUUUU quarter system):

I had a pretty tough time this past week keeping up with my Directed Study schedule. My law school graduation was this Saturday and Chicago had beautiful weather all week, which led to quite a few study breaks and even more promises that I would get serious about studying for the bar after graduation. I made it through all of Torts this week, though, which I’m happy about since it is one of the longer lectures and was my least favorite core class from law school.

Sorry, Andrew, but I have to stop you there. I was also in Chicago for the weekend (you didn’t invite me to your graduation?! ::Pout::), but 90 degrees and humid is not beautiful weather. It’s “can I please have a non-sewage-filled lake to jump into immediately” weather. But congrats on graduating!

Then I got started on Constitutional Law, which I enjoyed slightly more. This week will be interesting because the next four topics are all from courses I never took in law school — Family Law, Evidence, Wills, and Trusts. I always found the “Ah, you can just learn it for the bar” logic very appealing when selecting classes, and I finally get to put that to the test this week.

Beyond that, next week will probably involve saying goodbye to a few law school friends as they leave Chicago for good. The weather is sunny all week and in the 70s and 80s so I’m still not at the point where I’m sincerely making promises with respect to bar review progress right now. Play has started in the Euro Cup also, and even though I’m not a huge soccer fan, I have a feeling I could find those matches to be engrossing midday activity over the next week. The NBA Finals start this week, which will take up just about every other evening of mine over the next few weeks.

I think Kevin Durant v. LeBron James was the good guy-bad guy showdown everyone wanted, and it should be entertaining. I do, therefore, envision a trip home to the Chicago suburbs in the next few weeks where I have fewer friends and a lot more people who will freely criticize me if they catch me not studying throughout the day.

When all else fails, there’s nothing like good ol’ peer pressure to keep you motivated.

Jeanette has also been enjoying the great outdoors in sunny California:

I made a rather last-minute decision to fly up and see some childhood friends in San Francisco. The weather was beautiful, and it felt so good to spend just one full day away from the Themis books. We spent Saturday doing wine tastings in Napa, followed by a picnic in Lafayette Park. I didn’t utter a single word about the law, and I consciously tried to clear my mind of all bar-related stresses.

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to start studying again. After a delicious Sunday brunch at the Ferry Building, I went with my friend to her office and studied while she worked. Like many others in San Francisco, she works for a green start-up. This was even evident from the office decor and snack-selection. I stuffed my face with almonds and various organic dried fruits while reading up on New York Wills on sleek, recycled plastic desks under stylishly exposed pipes. This was certainly a change from the mahogany desks next to the shelves of leather-bound books at the law library.

No one believes me, but Jeanette learned the truth: you can’t be stressed out here when it’s 75 degrees, low humidity, with a slight breeze… you’re sitting in the park drinking a glass of wine, some girl comes up and offers to sell you special brownies… (Not kidding, this happened to me yesterday. I politely declined.) Yadda yadda, ooh ra ra California, but Jeanette, I’mma let you finish:

All in all, I had a good, relaxing few days that have refueled me for the upcoming weeks. I took a break from studying and spent quality time with friends who lifted my spirits and helped get rid of the test anxiety that was slowly creeping up on me. I’m also glad I got a change of scenery; studying in a different location helped reduce the drudgery of the work. This week, I will re-start my standard schedule with a clearer mind. I am ready to put some serious work in so I’ll feel comfortable going to Chicago for a short break before I really buckle down for the 12-hour days in July.

Hopefully your clear head will lead to increased productivity, and not work against you and cause more cravings for fresh air. But that sounds like a great trip.

Keep reading to see Andrew’s pitches for a Bar Review drinking game and horror flick…

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