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Comment of the Week: Much Ado About Punning

If you believe traffic stats (we do), many of you have been enjoying our extensive coverage of the Dewey & LeBoeuf meltdown. One of our coverage hallmarks has been the consistently awesome puns based on “Dewey.”

The wordsmithing is largely the handiwork of David Lat. And it’s somewhat of a tradition around these parts. We employed the same linguistic device during the Howrey collapse last year.

So it’s only fitting at this point in the game to recognize a commenter who riffed off our puns particularly well. Dewey have a Comment of the Week winner? Yes, we sure do….

Several commenters have made rote jokes/complaints about the puns: “Dewey even care anymore?” or “Does this mean the puns will end?” But those types of comments are boring and uninspired.

This week’s winner elicited chortles with his trollish naïveté. “Guest” commented on our story revealing the firm’s bankruptcy filing:

Oh, I get it- “Dewey” is like “do we”.

I know, right? It’s so clever! But as a wise man once said, internet debates are always won by the funniest. Rage posting will only ever get you the silver medal.

And, for the record, Dewey plan to continue with the puns? As long as we have more Dewey stories to write, you betcha.

So, Mr. Guest, send us your contact information via email so we can send you a t-shirt.

(hidden for your protection)

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