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Comment of the Week: There Was No Contest

A couple of interesting things have happened since we started doing Comment of the Week:

1) Some commenters have raised their game.
2) None of the winners have claimed their T-shirts.

They’re really good T-shirts, people! Cotton. Classy. Hand stitched by Cooley grads. Win one and you’ll see.

This week, I decided to simply take the most liked comment from the most commented story. Occasionally, even a whimsical comment authoritarian should give the people what they want….

The most commented story this week was the one about the Cardozo student who got reamed by Judge Jed Rakoff. It’s not surprising that there were a lot of comments on that story. As Matt Levine on Dealbreaker said: “It’s the perfect ATL story.” We’ve got a school that isn’t considered in the top tier, a law student behaving badly, and a prestigious judge, what’s not to like?

In the post, I noted said that readers should make their own Cardozo joke. The winning comment did just that. From guest9999999:

If she were ever charged with trying to “improperly influence the judge,” and if that is indeed a crime, she should invoke an impossiblity defense: the notion that an unemployed Cardozo student could influence any judge, properly or not, is facially absurd.

Evidently, unemployed Cardozo students weren’t successful at influencing the Comment of the Week this time. But maybe next week will be the revenge of the ‘Dozos.

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